Dairyman Award

2019 Outstanding Maryland Holstein Dairyman Award

Arbaugh’s Flowing Springs

Arbaugh’s Flowing Springs dairy farm is owned and operated by Steve and Diane Arbaugh. Family members are an integral part of the operation. This includes their children, Bryan, Aryn and Jamie, their spouses and of course the grandchildren (8). This is a 3rd generation farm with the 4th generation already beginning to help with day to day chores. Besides family members, there are five additional employees.
Steve’s parents, John and Doris Arbaugh bought the original farm with 140 acres in 1962. They began with 30 milking cows. The brick farmhouse is 203 years old and was originally the property of President Herbert Hoover’s family. Still residing on the farm is a Sycamore tree planted by the Hoover’s. It is the largest Sycamore on the east coast and is documented in the National Tree Historic Society.
The farm now owns 341 acres and rents an additional 500 acres. There are 60 calves, 350 replacement heifers and 400 registered Holsteins. The cows are milked twice a day in a double 10 parabone parlor. They are housed in a free stall barn and a pack barn.
Breeding is done using AI with top sires. The best cows started being flushed in 2013 and embryos were put in most of the heifers. Calves born after that made a great improvement to the herd/ BAA is 108.9 on 371 cows. This is 2nd in the United States with herds over 150. There are currently 48 Excellents and 190 VG.

Past Winners:
2009- Red Vision Genetics
2010- Mike & Liz Doody
2011- Robert & Alice Bender
2012- Chip Savage
2013- Palmyra Farm
2014- Robert & Sam Smith, My Ladys Manor
2015- Jones Family Farm
2017- Stambaugh Family, Pheasant Echo’s Farm
2019- Arbaugh Family, Flowing Springs

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