Junior Jamboree


The Junior Jamboree will be held on March 7 at the Frederick County 4-H office. You need to register with Carole Doody by February 29 if you want to participate. If you are interested in trying out for the Jr. or Sr. dairy bowl team, dairy jeopardy contest, or speech contest, you must attend. Dairy Bowl team members, jeopardy contestants and speech winners will go on to compete in Pennsylvania at the National Holstein Convention which will be held from June 22-26. TO TRY OUT FOR MD HOLSTEIN TEAMS, YOUTH MUST BE A NATIONAL JUNIOR HOLSTEIN MEMBER AND CARRY A HOLSTEIN PROJECT.    Holstein membership forms can be found at www.holsteinusa.com. The one-time membership fee of $20 is good until you turn 21. Other youth recognitions & scholarships are available to National Junior Holstein Members.

 ¨       Dairy Bowl Contestants – You must be 13 years old to participate on the Jr. Team! (MD rule)

  • The contest is based on 4-H Dairy Bowl material, general Holstein knowledge and questions from the Holstein Foundations practice questions.
  • Those of you who are interested in trying out for the Junior (ages 13-15) or the Senior (16-21) dairy Bowl team must take the written test and will go through a round or more of questions.  Top 4 scores make the team.

¨       Jeopardy contestants – Review Changes The committee has decided to financially support the top Dairy Jeopardy contestant in each of the three age groups.  MD Juniors interested in participating at the National Holstein convention must attend the Jr. jamboree and try out for Dairy Bowl.  We will be holding the Dairy Bowl contest first.  If you are interested in jeopardy, you must compete in the DB contest and the fifth placed Jr. (or next eligible based on age) will serve as our Dairy Jeopardy contestant for the national convention. The same for Int and Sr.  This allows us to send our four strongest juniors in Dairy Bowl with the 5th ranked one in jeopardy.  We will provide a ranking of MD contestants to National based on our jeopardy contest.  If you aren’t ranked first in MD but you are selected by National Holstein to compete in the Jeopardy contest, it will be at your own cost if you choose to go.  Age groups for jeopardy are: Jr. Division Jeopardy (9-13 as of January 1st) an Intermediate Division (14-17), and Sr. division (18-21).


  • Visit holsteinfoundation.org for practice Dairy Bowl questions and rules.
  • Speech Contestants
  • The 3 best speeches, regardless of age, will be picked at the judge’s discretion to compete at the National Convention.
  • The speech must be based on a topic related to the Holstein dairy industry.
  • Please see holsteinusa.com (then go to junior members -> junior prepared public speaking contest)
  • National Convention Costs/Fundraising
  • We are asking that each junior cover any costs that are not raised this spring.
  • Convention activitites – Junior Committee & coaches will pick the activities for the group to attend together.
  • You may participate in any contest 2 times within each age group. However, if you are on a winning team, you are no longer eligible to compete in that age division. You must be a National Junior Holstein member.
  • Fundraising – There will be several fundraisers that juniors participating at the convention will be expected to help with.
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