All-Maryland Awards

2018 Junior All-Maryland Results

Spring Calf

Pheasant Echos DRM Willy-ET
Byron & Deborah Stambaugh

Reserve Spring Calf

Delt-Air KT Kutlass
Jarred & Trisha Boyce

Winter Calf

Savage Leigh Lawyer Desta
Gatlin Welsh

Reserve Winter Calf

MS Avalanche Avon-Red-ET
Jaycey Miller

Fall Calf

Savage Leigh Lalas First
Chase Savage

Reserve Fall Calf

Savage Leigh Pitbull Layee
Andie Welsh

Summer Yearling

Pheasant Echos DB Willis
Pheasant Echos Farm

Reserve Summer Yearling

Coldsprings Captain 10215
Rylee McConville

Spring Yearling

AHD Doorman Silk-ET
Glamourview Farm

Reserve Spring Yearling

MS Danielles Dilemma
Gavin Key

Winter Yearling

JoBo DB Maisie-Red-ET
Alisa Louise Mercuro

Fall Yearling

Windsor Manor Risky-Red
Bryce Zepp

Milking Yearling

Savage Leigh AW Luella-ET
Entourage LLR & Chip Savage

Reserve Milking Yearling

Peace & Plenty Sennet Porsche
Austin Schwartzbeck

Jr. 2 Year Old

Pheasant Echos Solomon Indi
Trinity Miller

Reserve Jr. 2 Year Old

Savage Leigh Mayelee-Red-ET
Wayne & Cindee Savage and Matt & Kelli Welsh

Sr. 2 Year Old

Butlerview El Camino
Wenger Farms LLC

Reserve Sr. 2 Year Old

St-Jacobs Blake Angel
Connor & Chase Savage, Donald McEvoy

Jr. 3 Year Old

Peace & Plenty OBR Jubie 2-ET
Peace & Plenty Farms LLC

Reserve Jr. 3 Year Old

Peace & Plenty OKB Jubie3-ET
Peace & Plenty Farms LLC

Sr. 3 Year Old

MD-Delight ADD Reese-Red-ET
Gabe Dell

Reserve Sr. 3 Year Old

MS Apple Anzlee-ET
Ernest Kueffner

4 Year Old

Budjon-Vail Aftrshk Anya-ET
Maple Dell Farm

Reserve 4 Year Old

Peace & Plenty GWN Blexann-ET
Joe Schwartzbeck

5 Year Old

Tuytel ATW Barbara 9-ET
Chip Savage & Sam Fisher

Reserve 5 Year Old

Peace & Plenty G Chip Puneeky
Peace & Plenty Farms LLC

Aged Cow

Arethusa Fever Almira-ET
Ernest Kueffner

Reserved Aged Cow

Pheasant Echos Malissa-TW
Pheasant Echos Farm

Long Time Production

Cache-Valley Lheros 2331-ET
Ernest Kueffner

Reserve Long Time Production

M-Riverview Auda-Red-ET
Patrick Youse

Produce of Dam

Peace & Plenty Farms

Sr. Best 3 Females

Peace & Plenty Farms

Reserve Sr. Best 3 Females

Pheasant Echos Farm

Jr. Best 3 Females

Savage-Leigh Farm

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