Distinguished Service Award

Diane Flickinger

Diane Flickinger grew up in the Frederick and Carroll County area on Garstlyn Farm in New Windsor. Her parents originally started farming on rentals in Libertytown and Walkersville. She was active in 4-H and was a member of the winning dairy judging team in Columbus, OH, the last year the national contest was held there, earning a trip to Europe. Diane graduated from South Carroll High School 1972, and in 1976 graduated from Hood College in Frederick with a bachelor’s degree. Later that year in November, she married Richard Flickinger and in April 1978 the two started farming on their own. The couple started out on a rental dairy farm in Taylorsville with a loan from Farm Credit and the generosity of several MD Holstein breeders who allowed them to purchase registered Holstein cows.

In 1990, the two moved to a larger rental farm in Union Bridge with more modern dairy facilities to grow their herd. In 2000, they purchased their neighbors farm with the help of land preservation programs and additional loans. In 2003, they moved into their new farm that had a step up parlor, free stalls, a manure pit, and concrete silage bunkers. Diane and her husband are very thankful to their families and Holstein friends that helped them relocate three times. Their farm is 167 acres where they grow cover crop, triticale, rye, double-crop corn and soybeans, and hay.

In the spring of 2018, the registered dairy herd was sold privately to several Maryland Holstein breeders. Since then, they board dry cows and finish out beef feeder steers and sell corn, soybeans, hay, and silage. She and Richard were members of Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association for 40 years. Diane was elected to serve on the Leadership Council for Maryland & Virginia, to improve dialogue and feedback from the membership.

Diane is no stranger to service, and her list of volunteer organizations that she has given time to is extensive! She has served as a board member of the Maryland PDCA, the Carroll-Baltimore DHIA, Carroll County 4-H/FFA Fair Board with an emphasis on the dairy and dairy judging departments, promoted dairy industry through AgVentures for Carroll County Public Schools, was responsible for the dairy exhibit for the Carroll County Ag in the Mall in the event, served on the Maryland Holstein Milk Promotion Committee, Maryland Holstein Junior Committee, was a charter member of the Maryland Dairy industry Association(MDIA) that was started in 1996. She recently served as President of MDIA. Through her service on MDIA it allowed her to help plan the program and speakers for the Maryland Dairy Convention each year. Additionally she was instrumental in bringing the first Breakfast on the Farm event to Maryland. 

As MDIA President she was also called upon to testify on bills before the Maryland General Assembly on topics ranging from labeling, antibiotics, raw milk, dietary guidelines, community healthy air, animal rights activists, and a dairy processing feasibility study. She also served on the Use of Antimicrobials Working group, focusing on dry cow treatment regulation at the Department of Agriculture. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Diane helped with handing out gallons of milk to consumers and has always enjoyed promoting dairy products. Through her various leadership roles, she has always worked to encourage MDIA, Farm Bureau, Grange, and the dairy breed organizations to work together to benefit the Maryland dairy industry. 

Her desire to serve was something she learned early on through 4-H. She grew up in a 4-H family, where she learned to be a responsible team player, to win graciously and lose with dignity, and to learn from her mistakes and always strive to make her best even better. It was Mr. Johnny Morris and Mrs. Dorothy Emerson that helped give her confidence in her public speaking ability and for that she is eternally grateful. Diane enjoys sharing her time and talents with others whenever she can. 

Currently she serves on the Frederick County Soil Conservation Board of Supervisors as Vice Chairperson. She is also active in her church, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Westminster.

Diane has a passion for giving back to the Maryland dairy industry and Maryland Holsteins – which gave so much to her and her husband. It made their dreams come true to own their own dairy farm while working with registered Holstein cows.

Diane is very thankful, honored, and humbled for this recognition from the Maryland Holstein Association.

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