Dairyman Award

2023 Outstanding Maryland Holstein Dairyman Award

Coldsprings Farm

Coldsprings Farms is currently operated by Matthew and Debra Hoff in Union Bridge, MD. As the 5th generation, Matt took over the farm from his late father, Marlin Hoff, in 2005. Since then, the milking herd has grown from 300 to 1300, with 2200 head total. Rolling herd average is sitting at 29900, with cows producing over 2000 pounds of components. The farm also works almost 3000 acres of ground. This is all accomplished with a team of 36 dedicated employees.

Coldsprings’ philosophy has always been to have cows that milk good, but looked good as well. Cows are bred for GTPI, udder composite, and feet and leg composite, while also placing an emphasis on polled genetics. The top genomic polled animals in the herd are consistently flushed to increase overall genetic value of animals and to increase the presence of the polled gene in the herd. Coldsprings has been awarded a Progressive Genetics Herd Award for 6 consecutive years. The average genomic value of heifer calves tested in 2022 was 2722 and 38% of calves registered were tested polled.

Past Winners:
2009- Red Vision Genetics
2010- Mike & Liz Doody
2011- Robert & Alice Bender
2012- Chip Savage
2013- Palmyra Farm
2014- Robert & Sam Smith, My Ladys Manor
2015- Jones Family Farm
2017- Stambaugh Family, Pheasant Echo’s Farm
2019- Arbaugh Family, Flowing Springs
2023- Hoff Family, Coldsprings Farms

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